Ukraine, Kyiv


Key preparation suggestions:

  1. Ensure that you have clear self motivation and you are not acting since mom/dad force you to do this. Identify what valuable for you: better knowledge, certified status, or greenway to the training from Microsoft?
  2. Teamwork. It would be good to have a team of colleagues or friends to prepare together. Run weekly meeting with a findings review, share knowledge, support each other
  3. Create own environment to practice in. Do most of the topic practically. You have to have admin rights and own sandbox for this.
  4. Establish own vision for a small sandbox app that would be your Pet MVP in exam preparation. Please choose something that a part of your personal interest or something that you know good (part of your experience). Stay simple in the scope.
  5. Do your Pet MVP with exam area elaboration
  6. Read MSDN, this site and recommended resources
  7. Take attention to exam preparation questions and additional training

Known issues:

  • This week I am busy – as always. Do minimal steps each week without any excuses. You have to do it for yourself. And you are an enemy #1 and you have to win.
  • Reading without practice fail – you have to put your knowledge to your hands
  • Doing things in a big bang approach – big things tend to have big fail. Do things step by step. Small steps better. Small results in the short term better than a big one later.