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Form troubleshooting on tablet device

You are a Dynamics 365 for Customer Services system administrator. Sales team members access Dynamics 365 by using a tablet device. Sales team members report several issues when they access Dynamics 365. You need to resolve the issues.
What should you do?


  • Log off and back on to force data download
  • The form is not set as the first form in the entity
  • Privileges for the users aren’t correct


Comment on option 1: 1. Logoff & login again not restart the application as per the followings ; Customization changes do not appear in Dynamics 365 for tablets Cause 1: The customizations (metadata) from your Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement organization are cached on your device. The app checks for updated metadata after 24 hours or any time you reopen the app. For customization changes to become available immediately, you must completely close and then reopen the app. If new metadata is found, you will be prompted to download it. For more information on how to completely close an app, refer to the help for your operating system or reference one of the articles provided:

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