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Compose email template

You are a Dynamics 365 for Customer Service administrator for a help desk. Help desk representatives need to send emails to all contacts that are associated with cases. The emails must provide the status for the case, use similar formatting, and include the following information:

  • Contact name
  • Case number
  • Case title
  • Case status
  • Representative name

You need to create an email template for the system. Which four actions should you perform in sequence?


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Note: “… created an email template in Dynamics 365 [under Settings > Business Management] and then also used process of elimination (of incorrect options) to answer this question. 2,4,6,7 are irrelevant to the question. Note that personal template is not a requirement, option to publish is not even available for email templates, account entity is not the need of the process and admin does not need to send email but just create a template. The answer provided ic correct. Step 1 is direct from the requirement stated in the question – create an email template. Since case status, number and title are 3 data values are tied with Case entity, step 2 is Add data…case entity. To send the email, user would need email address tied up to the contact. 4. Save Hope this helps!”

Note 2: “…  comments are correct, but one of the statements is confusing. The Case could be directly related to a Contact, not an Account, so there is no reason to include the wording about Accounts at the end of the Contact statement, i.e “adding data values for a Contact RELATED TO ACCOUNT”.

Note 3: The correct options should be: 1.Create an email template for the case 2.Add data values from the case entity 3.Add data values under the contact entity relad to the account 4.Save the template The order of the #2 and #3 is immaterial. The question has been framed incorrectly, it doesn’t matter in which order you add information to the template, you choose info. from contact or case in any order that you like

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