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Changing user account

You are a Dynamics 365 for Customer Service administrator for Contoso, Ltd. A user named Elizabeth Rice signs in to Dynamics 365 by using the following sign in name: After marriage, Elisabeth changes her legal name to Elisabeth Mueller. You need to update the sign in name for the user without losing any application history.

Solution: Change Elisabeth’s username in the user record from Dynamics 365. Does the solution meet the goal?

  • A. Yes
  • B. No

Correct answer: B. No


Note 1: Correct answer is No. Username and job title as well as free other fields are managed in Microsoft 365 admin center and cannot be edited from D365 CE system user record.

Note 2: Correct answer should be NO. I assume that this user account is for Dynamics 365 Online ( You can not change anyone’s credentials and identity information (username, password, fullname) directly from Dynamics 365 Security section. You need to use Microsoft 365 Admin Center ( ‘s “User” section for this. If you want to change a user’s username, you should click on it and then click “manage username” link. When you change a username (loginname / signin name whatever), all systems will be synced with same username and old username ( will be invalid and she can login with her new username ( And of course she has still same Active Directory ID, so she will never lost any data from Dynamics 365.

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